Path of Exile

A game title that you should check out is Path of Exile. It is the ultimate Diablo 2 clone. In the event you enjoyed Diablo II, you gotta check this out.

Gaming Functionality

  • Remain competitive within the ladder and along with your ratings
  • Levels are randomly rendered
  • Distinctive game areas and monsters
  • Fixed angle three dimensional world


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There's a new game being developed by Grinding Gear Games (out of New Zealand). It's called Path Of Exile, and it's a fantastic, finely detailed, dark fantasy RPG in the vein of Diablo III and other high fantasy games. It is currently being tested out online in a beta version, but is already drawing a great deal of attention and accolades from lovers of fantasy RPG's the world over. Be forewarned: Path Of Exile incorporates a massive amount of details in its back story and skill set, so be prepared to spend a large amount of time getting used to the way things roll in the mythical realm of Wraeclast. This is definitely not a game for those with a short attention span!

Once you get accustomed to the minutiae of the skill tree, you will find Path Of Exile to be an exciting, very fast paced, game with multiple quests and levels which will keep your attention fixated. We simply can't say enough about the attention this game pays to detail. It really is an exercise in dark fantasy world building, and it may be one of the most finely realized dark fantasy realms in all of gaming history. Path Of Exile is sure to draw a huge fan base on this factor alone.

Path Of Exile, as mentioned above, is currently available only online, and is completely free to play. It is currently uploaded onto the official Grinding Gear company website in a beta version, so some fine tuning and adjustments have yet to take place. However, from what little we've seen, Path Of Exile is sure to draw a devoted fan base fairly quickly. It's an exciting, finely detailed, dark fantasy RPG, and will satisfy those looking for a change of pace. Path Of Exile comes highly recommended!


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