Top 10 Classic MMORPGs

From the biggest expansions to advanced developments being conducted, these games earned not only a massive support from the online gamers, but they also garnered a lot of subscribers. Here are the ten classic games that continue to be the favorite of many avid fans.


  1. Meridian - its fantasy theme caught the players attention when it was released on December 15. It allows players to customize their characters and improve their skills and points instead of progressing through each level.


  1. Realm Online - a turn-based strategy game that allows the players to subscribe to access it, making it one of the reasons why MMORPG became popular.


  1. Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds - it lets the players play for free until level 49. Many love it because it is easy to navigate and has undergone several developments to improve the quality of its graphics.


  1. Ultima Online - allows the players to progress through their skills that increase as they gain enough points.


  1. Tibia - players are allowed to choose from the four class when they reach level 8. But before they reach this stage, they first need to undergo a series of challenges that are really hard to beat.


  1. Lineage - a game with a medieval fantasy theme that implements RPG-like gameplay.


  1. Dark Ages - a game inspired by the Celtic mythology which has been famous because due to the enthusiastic support and involvement of its players.


  1. Forth Coming - famously called the T4C that uses a Diablo combat strategy. Players need to reach a specific stat for them to upgrade their weapon and learn a new spell that they can use on the gameplay.


  1. EverQuest - a game that offers a variety of expansion packs, classes, and different races to give players a distinct experience. You can play it for free, but you can also try the monthly subscription if you want to access more advanced features.


  1. The Legend of Mir 2 - it is one of the most advanced and feature-rich MMORPGs with larger maps and allows players to choose among the four professions.