Path of Exile Expansion Review: Forsaken Masters

The rework done on the Forsaken Master is something that would truly surprise every gamer. Thisexpansion focuses on different segments of the game: Hideout, seven NPCs, crafting options, and of course, the main heroes, Forsaken Masters.


The Wraeclast wilderness offers new missions that the players must complete. Their success will enable them to unlock further training waiting for them. As they progress, they will also get a chance to open up the Hideouts in the master level 3, which are customizable towns which will offer them daily missions to accomplish.

These missions are provided by the Masters who are responsible for training the player to obtain advanced crafting options. There are a few video games that offer a customizable opportunity, and thankfully, the Forsaken Masters has this feature. Players can customize the hideouts by buying decorations from the Masters.

Aside from the decorations sold by the Masters, they also sell Magic items with a new mood. Players have the option to use it like how it is designed, or he may create a traditional Orb System or new Hideout Crafting Benches.

The expanded Forsaken Masters is also full of fights between the reworked bosses and Masters, whereas the latter should effectively utilize the newly designed Passive Skill Tree so that it can help them during the battle. Each of the Master has his own theme, item, and focus. As soon as they reach a mission that will help them incur an amount, their level also progresses. It is worth noting that the expansion offers eight master levels. It will also encourage players to advance because each opens up exciting features.

Other changes that we like most about the Path of Exile: Forsaken Masters are the boss fights such as Fairgraves Eternal and Brutus and Merveil fights. They have been overhauled to make the game even more challenging.